The problem.


Not our receipts, but it was our problem we were set out to solve. Really working out the exact problem we wanted to solve can be tricky. We had, and still do have high goals for Receipt lock, however we needed a goal that was achievable by the end of the weekend, something we could hand the judges.


The team.


And there it was, the team had been formed. We had three engineers and one journalist. I think for me this was a good blend. What we hoped to get “started” for the business over the weekend was achievable with us. I knew how the other two engineers would operate, as we are all like-minded, and I was stoked to have someone with another mindset, that could look at things from another view on the team. This would prove itself valuable over the weekend, with input from another viewpoint helping shape the business canvas.

Speeches were over.


Once speeches were over, and voting had finished, we needed to form a group. However it wasn’t about just jumping in with anybody, it was about finding the right people for the right positions. I recall having hesitations about others joining us for a fear of personalities crashing. But we seemed to attract the type that we all got along well. The other thing we had to be mindful of was having the right skill set in our team.

First obstacle.


The first obstacle of the weekend. In my head I knew how it worked and what I needed. But I had to translate this two the room. There was two problems with this, one was how nervous I was to stand in front of a room full of people, and the other was how to translate my ideas to others, in a manner that they would understand. Clearly by this photo, I was deep in thought about what I was saying.